Saturday, August 8, 2009

Gang's All Here!

Weekend Update...except this is from last weekend. I have been extremely busy working in my classroom this week and been too tired to blog at night. I already am a bad blogger. But I am doing this for me and not for others so maybe I am not a bad blogger, maybe.
Last weekend Mindy and Lauren came to visit from Huntsville. I always love when they come to visit. I love my friends from college. Brittany P., now BrittanyG. but I don't call her that, met us for dinner. After dinner was the best surprise of all. We got to have coffee with our friend Katie. Katie and her husband Allen now live in Atlanta. It was so good to catch up with her and see how happy she is. Thank to Allen for taking the picture. Of course we had to go to Starbucks but this is not just any Starbucks. This is our Starbucks that we spent many hours at in college. Especially when we lived in the dorm and had no place to hang out but each other's rooms. Oh, if only those Starbucks tables and walls could talk they would tell of the many hilarious, serious, and wonderful conversations we had there. The sad part of the evening was that Brittney H. was on vacation and couldn't be there. We all missed her.

On Saturday my Mom came to visit. She originally came to help in my classroom but we were unable to get into the building. So we do what my mom and I do best... SHOP! We headed down to downtown Franklin to check out the shops. I love little downtown's like this! I showed my mom all around Franklin and Spring Hill trying to convince her she needs to move over this way. She did not like that I took this picture of her by herself.
Coming soon... I redecorated my bathroom and my classroom at school. I hope put some pictures up soon. The beginning of school is always so crazy! I am just trying to enjoy my last weekend of summer before school starts back.

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  1. I am so sad I missed this... I LOVE it when we are all together!