Saturday, April 17, 2010


I love Christmas time. I know this is way behind but I want to try to remember to good times in this phase of my life. This was a good Christmas.

Mom's new dining room. We had Christmas breakfast in the now dining room that my mom remodeld. Growing up this room was our playroom. My mom did an amazing job of turning it around.

My favorite. Country ham, biscuits, and garlic cheese grits. We only eat this once a year.

Rob was very excited about his t-shirt. He didn't think that I knew he liked the Bronco's.

John was equally excited about his Ove glove.

Rachel and her new purse.

Mom and her new cooking ware.

John was very creative with his wrapping.
This was the best Christmas surprise. I had seen this hall tree back in September when I was home. I almost bought it then but dedcided not to. Christmas morning I opened a box with a green jacket in the box. A note on top said " a new jacket to hang on your hall tree". Then my brother took me to the storage unit to see my new hall tree. I was completely not expecting this.

Christmas night we upheld the tradition of going to Mama Sissy's house. We had not taken a cousin picture in a long time and did not have a recent picture with Rachel. I am not the only girl anymore.

Round 26

Happy 26th Birthday Brittney( 4 months later)! For the exciting event of one's 26th birthday Brittney chose to eat dinner at Mellow Mushroom.

Of course Sarah and I had to get Brittney one of our special birthday cards. We put a LOT of thought into this card every year. You can tell that Brittney greatly appreciates our thoughtfulness
Thank you pioneer woman for yet another amazing recipe. Yellow cake cupcakes with chocolate icing. Make a wish.

Getting ready to go the the Ten our Tenn Christmas concert.
I have the greastest friends and the best roommate.