Sunday, August 23, 2009

Road Trip

This weekend Brittney, Sarah, Mindy, and I took a little road trip to Atlanta to visit our friend Katie. After surviving the first week of school we felt we needed a little getaway.

We didn't get to Atlanta till late Friday night so we had to make up for that on Saturday. We started the day off my doing what we do Katie took us to this fun outdoor shopping center, Atlantic Station.

My favorite store that we don't have in Nashville, H & M. Oddly I didn't buy any clothes there. We shopped, ate lunch, went to IKEA, and drove around the same block about 20 times trying to get to the interstate... and yes we had a GPS.

We finally made our way to Turner Field. Once we found the interstate we didn't have any trouble getting to the game...except for turning down the wrong way on a one way street. Here we all are.
When we walked into the stadium Mindy made fast friends with a man that worked for the Braves. He asked to look at our ticket. We were sitting in the nose bleed section. Our new friend told us we could not sit all the way up there and that he would come and get us in the 3rd inning and move us down.
So we made the trek to our nosebleed seats. Don't you love the skyline in the background.

Mindy and Katie trying to stay cool in the blazing sun.

Sarah found the only shade when Brittney stood up to take our picture.

Then right before the game started our new friend Steve came and found us and told us he was moving us down! At this point we thought we were probably being moved to the lower upper level.
Then our new friend gave us all FREE HATS! We were already ecstatic at this point. The only catch we had to sing Happy Birthday to this little boy who came to his first Braves game for his birthdayYou can only imagine the excitement among us when we got on an elevator and ended up here. Right on the 3rd baseline.
Can you see what good seats we had?!

Group shot in our new and improved seats!
I had to include this picture especially for Katie. This Asian couple sat in front of us. They were so into the game. The lady would stand up and cheer anytime Chipper Jones came up to bat. She would yell out Chippa Jowns... I love Chippa Jowns.

The Braves won, we got free hats, and we only got lost once on the way home. We had an awesome day.
Last group shot at lunch today. We thought we all coordinated well with our solid colored dresses. One man at church even asked if we were a sorority. I guess we might look like one...we do tend to travel in large groups of mostly girls :) Our trip to Atlanta was the perfect weekend getaway. I am pretty sure we are definitely planning on another trip to Atlanta...we only got to spend 30 minutes in Ikea!

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