Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Joining the Bandwagon

So here is my attempt at starting a blog. I have heard a lot about blogs lately and was introduced to blogs by another blogger. Once I began looking at all these blogs I became slightly obsessed...maybe even a little stalkerish. Not really stalkerish but I did realize how much I enjoyed seeing what other people were up to and I found a lot of encouragement from people's blogs that I found that I didn't even know. Now I find myself waiting for people to update their blogs. I have also seen how God has used the blogging world to his advantage. I have heard and seen for myself so many situations where a blog was started or mentioned to me about praying for a certain situation. I have also read several blogs where people had written very encouraging post. Most of the people's blogs that I have kept up with are married or married with children. I thought who wants to hear about a single girls life. Then I began thinking I live a pretty fun life and at least this will help me keep an account of this season of my life. Also I pray that God will let this encourage someone like so many blogs have encouraged me. My principal is always encouraging the teachers at my school to get to know everyone's story in life. I am not very good at sharing personal things about myself so I also pray that this will help me to be more open and share my story with more people. So here it goes... My First Post!

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